The old Cliff House as seen from Sutro Gardens in SF


The "original" Victorian-style Cliff House, built by Adolph Sutro and opened in January 1896 (and destroyed by fire in 1907) was actually the third structure built on the site. The second of these was partially destroyed by an explosion of dyanamite on a ship drifting below. In 1909 the second "new" Cliff House was opened, having been built by Adolph Sutro’s daughter. Various remodels in the 1940s and 1950s reflected the styles of those decades, and the present-day Cliff House was reconstructed in 2003 to resemble the 1909 neo-classical version.


circa 1900

2 responses to “The old Cliff House as seen from Sutro Gardens in SF

  1. Reblogged this on Dog's-ear and commented:
    I just had Sunday brunch at the Cliff House last week. As a teenager, I ate there before the prom. The nearby Sutro Baths ruins are supposedly haunted. While hiking the ruins as a boy in the late 70s, homeless punk rockers through rocks at me.

  2. Reblogged this on ponderingaloud and commented:
    I wish Cliff House still looked this amazing.That being said I still love going there and looking at all the historical pictures inside. Such a pity(for me) that its on the other side of the world so I cant go every day and have to make do with every year instead.

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