”The fabulous Mr. Alfred Hitchcock is about to escort you on a tour of the location of his new motion picture, Psycho.”

And so begins the delightful original 1960 trailer for Psycho, which features Hitchcock himself offering a guided tour of the Bates Motel murder scene and Bates residence. The trailer was one of the most effective aspects of the ingenious publicity campaign that accompanied the release of Psycho.

In the trailer, Hitchcock plays up his mischievous persona, teases the audience with hints about the movie, shows us the bathroom where the first murder takes place, and lingers over the toilet (much to the shock & irritation of Hollywood censors, as depicting a toilet onscreen was a major taboo in 1960), all building up to the surprise ending.

Oldest Known Cat Video Was Made by Thomas Edison

This 1894 film, one of the earliest produced by Thomas Edison’s Black Maria movie studio, features two cats boxing. Obviously it’s not actually a video, but it’s certainly evidence that even at the dawn of cinema, over a century before YouTube, cats ruled the moving image.
But is this the first recording of a cat in motion? That credit, it seems, goes to Eadweard Muybridge for his animal locomotion studies, which include this 1887 motion study of a cat running, below. Muybridge pioneered motion capture by inventing a setup of multiple cameras in sequence, which recorded continuous movement, frame by frame.

Animal Locomotion