You once said that where a person lives tends to affect them. Los Angeles is a very particular, peculiar environment. What is it about this city that appeals to you?

Number one, the intense light. Also the different feelings in the air. But like every place it’s always changing. And it takes longer to appreciate L.A. than a lot of cities, because it’s so spread out, and every area has its own mood. What I really like about it is, from time to time, if you drive around – especially at night – you can get a little gust of wind of the great days of the silver screen. All there in, like, living memory. It just makes you wish that you’d lived in those times. I think that if you could go back, that’s the one place that you want to go back to. Maybe they didn’t appreciate it at the time, but it was an incredible place to be at the beginning of cinema. – David Lynch

Fabrice Balossini

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Produced in thirteen large cities, this project is as far as I know the largest of its kind ever produced. Paradoxically, although travel represents an opening, this is a metaphor of confinement: no longer a real world, but a world where the exterior and the other blend together with the interior and an internal confinement. I am a 42-year-old French artist living in Paris. My approach to photography is related to my approach to pictures in general: an aesthetics of globalization, the quest for a unique human and cultural identity that comes before regional culture.