Mysteries of Love: David Lynch and Blue Velvet

Mysteries of Love is a documentary on David Lynch’s modern classic Blue Velvet. Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, we find clips from the film immersed with intriguing footage and photographs from the production and exciting interviews with David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, and others. Certainly, Mysteries of Love leaves one wanting more documentaries of its kind.

It is often surprising to learn that many of our most loved films today were almost not made. David Lynch had been coming out of a failed experience with his work Dune, when Dino De Laurentiis approached him about Blue Velvet, a script that Lynch had been working on for years. Thankfully and surprisingly, De Laurentiis gave Lynch full artistic control, and despite not being in the contract, he promised the filmmaker final cut. All of this provided as long as the director agreed to cut his salary and the film’s budget in half. The sacrifices that are made in the name of art!

Enjoy this personal window into a masterful film with some of cinema’s most fascinating figures.

David Lynch


“When you go to a mystery film and they tie it all up at the end—to me, that’s a real letdown. In a mystery, somehow in the middle it’s all opened up, and you can go out to infinity trying to form your own conclusions. There’s so many possibilities. And that feeling is, like, real neat to me…” — David Lynch

David Lynch

David Lynch

“I always say Fellini inspired me. I love being in Fellini’s worlds. And Billy Wilder and Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. To revisit those certain films and go in that world is just—It’s a world that didn’t exist and now it exists. There are some people that are—I always say that they don’t like so much abstraction. They don’t like to feel lost. They like to know always, always, always what’s going on. And when they don’t feel that, they feel a little crazy. And they don’t like that. Other people—and I’m one of them—I love to go into a world, be taken into a world and get lost in there and feel-think my way and have these experiences that I know… I know that feeling, but I don’t know how to put it into words. I know that feeling and it’s magical that this cinema brought it out. This is what I love.” — David Lynch

Bobby Vinton – Blue Velvet (1963)


    Q. Did Bobby Vinton’s version of the song ‘Blue Velvet’ inspire the movie?

    David Lynch: It was the song that sparked the movie! Bernie Wayne [& Lee Moris] wrote that song in the early 50s….Bobby Vinton’s version was the first one I ever heard. I don’t know what it was about that song, because it wasn’t the kind of music that I really liked. But there was something mysterious about it.

    It made me think about things. And the first things I thought about were lawns – lawns and the neighborhood. It’s twilight – with maybe a streetlight on, let’s say, so a lot of it is in shadow. And in the foreground is part of a car door, or just a suggestion of a car, because it’s too dark to see clearly. But in the car is a girl with red lips. And it was these red lips, blue velvet and those green-black lawns of a neighborhood that started it.

    -excerpted from Lynch on Lynch