Rosemarie Trockel “Sleeping Pill” 1999


For this installation the artist created “relaxation suits” out of plastic and suspended a couple in them while sleeping. For the course of its exhibition the couple was suspended and unaware of the viewers moving about them. The artist said the state of the couple and the entrapment they were in was an illustration of “exhausted, powerless lovers”




I had to share this amazing picture painted by Jean Honoré Fragonard, in 1778 with you. I had to study this painting while i was reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) by Laclos (a master piece i recommend to you) in high school. Anyway for those who didn’t knew this painting i propose to share the analysis of Alain Jaubert.
Le Verrou represent a couple; while the man is closing the bolt, the lady push back the man but she still hug by him. The man is already undressed but the lady still have her clothes on. This first observation permit us to say that at that time it was far more difficult for a woman to undress herself than for a man.(=inegality) She was squeezed up by her corset and bothered by her petticoat.
The bed is disarranged. If we look closer, we can see that the pillows behind the lady are shaped like bosoms. The pillows are almost hidden by the red curtains suggesting a vagina (labia), while the enlighten part of the bed suggests an erection. Finally, in the dark we can see a vase reversed. The vase used to represent virginity. There is also an apple which refers to the original sin. We also notice the chair who is reversed too: “les jambes en l’air” (=legs in the air), “une partie de jambe en l’air” is a french expression which litteraly means “get laid”.
The bed takes half of the paintings, in the representation it is a character, it represents sex, love and pleasure. The fact that it’s disarranged let us suppose that something happened there, but the vase is not broken yet…  The scene maybe happened already, is happening or will happen soon. It’s a question of time.