Antonin Artaud, Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society

Besides, one does not commit suicide alone.
No one was ever born alone.
Nor had anyone died alone.
But, in the case of suicide, a whole army of evil beings is needed to force the body to perform the unnatural act of depriving itself of its own life.
And I believe that there is always someone else, at the extreme moment of death, to strip us of our own life.

Antonin Artaud, Art and Death

When shall we meet again? When will the earthy taste of your lips come again to brush the anxiety of my mind? Will all our sensations remain forever intellectual, and will not our dreams succeed in igniting one soul whose feeling will help us to die? What is this death in which we are forever alone, in which love does not show us the way?

Antonin Artaud

Je réclame des films fantasmagoriques, des films poétiques, au sens dense, philosophique du mot, des films psychiques. Ce qui n’exclut ni la psychologie, ni l’amour, ni le déballage d’aucun des sentiments de l’homme. Mais des films où soit opérée une trituration, une remalaxation des choses du cœur et de l’esprit afin de leur conférer la vertu cinématographique qui est à chercher.