Sous les pavés, la plage!


In Paris, the famous phrase Sous les pavés, la plage!  ("under the cobblestones, the beach") was used by the May 1968 protesters to mean that it was possible to escape from a regimented life. Back in 1968, groups of students and miscellaneous artists would dig up cobble stone roads to expose “la plage” and either throw the stones at police or leave them in piles around the city. Passerbys were invited to interact.

Robert Bresson


It is the inside that commands. I know that it may seem paradoxical in an art that is all about the outside…Only the conflicts that take place inside the characters give its movement to the film, its real movement…A film is the typical kind of creation that claims a style. It needs an author, a writing…What the director has in sight, is an effect to produce or a series of effects. If he is conscientious, his preliminary work will consist precisely of going back from the effect to the cause. Starting from what he wants to obtain, the emotion of the audience, he looks for the best combinations to create that emotion. It’s a path walked backwards, with choices and rejections, mistakes, interpolations, that fatally leads him to the origin of composition, that is to say the very composition.