The Making of Psycho


The Master of Suspense is also a master of style, and this 90+ minute documentary certainly proves why Alfred Hitchcock is an unforgettable filmmaker. His understanding and control of film can be likened to those artists who have mastered their respective art forms. Thus, The Making of Psycho is a genuine opportunity for those seeking the best insight into filmmaking.

Involving interviews with the collaborators of Psycho, such as actor Janet Leigh and screenwriter Joseph Stefano, give us an intimate look into the entire process of making the film. We go from one stage of the production to another, learning from what seems to be a masterclass in film production. Most importantly, The Making of Psycho is as detailed as Hitchcock’s own films. It sheds light on the writing of the script, the filmmaker’s directing style, and even the particularities of specific scenes and devices, such as the famous shower scene and the symbolism behind the wardrobe.

Alfred Hitchcock explained to French filmmaker François Truffaut that he chose to direct Psycho as a challenge to himself. The challenge was to elevate what could be a low budget B-movie into an intelligently crafted and engaging film. There is a great lesson to learn here for all filmmakers and artists. Always challenge yourselves and you will produce greater works. This is one of so many gems to take away from The Making of Psycho.

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