Twiggy & Woody Allen


“He’s a very talented director but I’d probably hit him if I met him now.

He was interviewing me for a documentary that was being made about me in New York. I was only 17, it was my first time in the US and I was very nervous.

When they told me this influential new comic wanted to interview me I thought, ‘It’ll be OK, he’ll just ask me stuff like where I got my name Twiggy and what I liked about America.’ But he didn’t.

I remember him smiling and coming out with, “So who’s your favourite philosopher?” I started to panic and my stomach turned over.

I replied that I didn’t know any philosophers and he came back with words to the effect of, “Oh come on, everyone has a favourite philosopher!”

I told him I’d read Great Expectations and David Copperfield at school, which, by the way, I’d just left. The interview then ended abruptly with him saying: “Oh I can’t interview her!”

It was a horrible experience. I can kind of laugh about it now but would never ever do that to anyone, especially someone younger than myself. I’ve never forgotten it.”

— Twiggy on Woody Allen

I think..

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