Siegfried Kracauer, "Theory of film"

"We do not, and cannot, see actual horrors because they paralyze us with blinding fear; and that we shall know what they look like only by watching images of them which reproduce their true appearance. The images on the screen are a means to an end; they are to enable —or, by extension, induce— the spectator to behead the horror they mirror. The mirror reflections of horror beckon the spectator to take them in and thus incorporate into his memory the real face of things too dreadful to be beheld in reality. And this experience is liberating in as much as it removes a most powerful taboo. Perhaps Perseus’ greatest achievement was not to cut off Medusa’s head but to overcome his fears and look at its reflection in the shield. And was it not precisely this feat which permitted him to behead the monster?"


I think..

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