Jim Jarmusch on Stranger Than Paradise


"I don’t like the ambition in American films, and these characters don’t have ambition really and are also not intellectual characters, so it’s not an existential film. They’re not constantly questioning their existence or questioning the state of the world around them. Instead they have a kind of acceptance of it. Instead they move through the world of the film in a kind of random, aimless way, like looking for the next card game or something, rather than interpreting things as philosophical symbols or anything. So that relates to the reason why there isn’t the violence and sex and certain expected things in the film. The whole idea of the film was not really to give the audience anything that they would be expecting. And the form of the narrative itself works that way, too. If you stop the film at any point the audience wouldn’t have any idea what was gonna happen next, or really be that aware or that conscious of the narrative itself. Instead they’re more interested in smaller details, and situations, and characters. The sense of humor works in the film that way, too. It works from details, not from big gags or jokes, verbal or visual. Instead it’s humor of small details."

I think..

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