Excerpts from Andrei Tarkovsky’s last letter to his father


Excerpts from Andrei Tarkovsky’s last letter to his father, famous Russian poet Arseny Tarkovsky.

Dear Father!
I am really saddened to hear that you feel I supposedly chose the role of an “exile” and am all but getting ready to abandon my Russia… I don’t know who finds it convenient to present in this manner the difficult situation I have found myself in “thanks” to many years of persecution by the authorities at the Goskino and, in particular, its chairman — Yermash. […]
I am certain everything will end well, I shall complete my work here and return very soon to Moscow with Anna Semyonovna and Andrei and Lara to hug you and all those dear to us even if in Moscow I shall remain (for sure) unemployed. This is nothing new to me.
I am sure the government will not refuse my humble and natural request. (In case the unbelievable happens, there will be an awful scandal. God forbid, this is what I want to avoid, you can surely understand.) I am not a dissident but an artist who contributed his part to the treasure-box of the glory of the Soviet cinema. And not the worst part either, I suspect… (In “Sovietskiy film” one talentless critic — instructed by the authorities — belatedly called me “a great director”). And I earned more money (hard currency) for my country than most.
That’s why I cannot understand the unjust and inhuman treatment I receive. I have remained a Soviet artist and I shall remain one, no matter what the guilty ones are saying, those who are trying to force me out abroad.
Many many kisses from me, wish you health and strength.
Hope to see you again soon.
Your son — unhappy and tormented Andrei Tarkovsky.
Rome, 16.09.83

Andrei would die three years later in 1986 in Paris and three years after that, Arseni died in 1989 in Moscow, having never seen each other before Andrei died.

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