only god forgives

god forgives1god forgives2

The shoot itself is magnificently guerrilla. With a budget big enough to do what he wants, yet manageable enough for zero interference, we later find Winding Refn and Gosling down a sweaty Bangkok back alley, next to a restaurant with a neon sign that boasts, ‘If it swims, you can eat it,’ which may be true but probably isn’t always advisable.
Gosling is wearing a suit. His girlfriend, played by Thai singer-turned-acress Yayaying, is standing opposite, in a dress so slinky he is furious she’s dared wear it to a dinner with his evil mother. “Take it off!” screams Gosling’s Julian. “Take it OFF!!” She strips to her underwear, handing him the offending item. The camera lingers on his face, trembling with anger and shame.

I think..

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