Taken from a television interview between Sir David Frost and Quentin Tarantino on Frost Over the World.

Quentin Tarantino1

David Frost: Your approach to film is tremendously as much a writer as a director, isn’t it?
Quentin Tarantino: Oh, very much so, yeah, very much so.
DF: At any particular moment?
QT: It’s more like when I am writing the script, even though I’m thinking about cinematic things and this and that and the other, when I’m putting pen to paper, it’s F the movie, it is about the page. It is really, seriously about the page. I’m writing literature at this point. My stuff gets published, and it is about it working on the page. I put scenes in the script that I kind of know I will never film, but, because I don’t think the movie will need it, but the written script needs it. It clarifies it for the reading, it makes it better for the reading. And part of my job is to kind of realize what I don’t need as I’m making the movie. Now, once I’m making the movie, then I will not only think about the script that much, and now I’m making the movie. But when it comes time to the writing of it, it really is about the pen and paper and nothing else. And not only that, not only that. I have one other thing to that…is, and I feel, I need to feel this way, this way I know that I’ve done a good job is, if I’ve done the script and I do what I want to do, then I have to question the idea that, you know what, if I don’t make this movie, if I just publish this, I’m done, I’m done and I’ve got it. I’ve won. Alright. It’s mine to F up, right, if I go on but right now I’m done. Now I don’t do that, I go and make the movie, but I always consider it. And if I don’t feel that way about the script, then I know I haven’t done that good of a job.

I think..

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