Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog







“The final scene of Cobra Verde was the last day of shooting that we ever did together. He had put so much intensity into this final scene that he just fell apart afterwards. Even at the time we both sensed it, and he even said to me, ‘We can go no further. I am no more.’ He died in 1991 at his home north of San Francisco. He had just burnt himself out like a comet. Like me, Kinski was a very physical person, but in a different way. We complemented each other well because he drew everyone together. He attracted the herd magnetically and I held it together. Kinski was made for me, for my cinema. Sometimes I want to put my arm around him again, but I guess I only dream about this because I have seen this in old footage of the two of us. I do not regret a moment, not one. Maybe I do miss him. Yes, now and then I do miss him.” — Werner Herzog

I think..

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