‘A Therapy’ by Polanski, prada

Have you seen Prada latest short film ‘A Therapy‘, directed by Roman Polanski, which was premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival?

The Theme
Polanski uses as the main narrative the Sigmund Freud element. By element I mean, assuming that almost everyone knows who Sigmund Freud was and many are familiar with Freudian heritage, we see an element from Freud’s life as the main narrative of this short film – the therapy session.

By reconstructing the famous room of Sigmund Freud, with a better positioning of furniture, added technology (laptop on doctors table), and usage of rich (probably Jewish) and lonely female character, Polanski creates recognizable and simply understandable scene to, I assume, all of the Prada brand wearers. Associating the brand with popular science, spicing with academia, contradictional and sexy psychoanalysis, loneliness – so actual in contemporary individualistic society, unknown and tricky subconscious, mature desires, presenting it all in retro styled sauce.

The Message
Film moves to culmination when the background music starts and doctor recognizes patient’s coat, this seductive lavender fur coat, while dynamic camera movement dramatizes the whole scene. And here Polanski presents smartly the Prada-item, using all communication levels:
visual level: the item is beautiful – doctor’s gaze;
kinesthetic level: the item is pleasant to touch – doctor’s enjoying touching the fur; and the
fragrant level -  doctor’s enjoys the smell of collar.

By the end: Prada Suits Everyone!
Following today’s trend of unisex clothing, girlfriend-boyfriend jeans, androgynous bodies – Prada takes it all to another level, always with the classy tone. No matter the age and gender, no matter the problems – Prada is such a noble clothing brand, that it suits everyone.

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