Happy Together // dir. Wong Kar-wai

Happy Together

Leslie Cheung: “When we tried to shoot the love scene it really shocked Tony. He refused to do it. For two days he was miserable, lying on his bed. So I went up to him and said, ‘Look at me, Tony, I’ve gone through so many scenes kissing, touching girls, grabbing breasts, do you think I really enjoyed it? Just treat it as a job, a normal love scene. I’m not going to fall in love with you, and I don’t want you to really have sex with me. You’re not my type.’ So he agreed to do the scene.”

Tony Leung: “[Wong Kar-wai] gave me a fake script. Originally my character wasn’t gay – his father was. In my script, the father dies in Argentina and I go there and find out he had a lover, who is Leslie. So we go to Argentina and we spend six weeks learning Spanish and the tango. And after that, Kar-wai says, ‘I think it would be much more interesting if your role is gay.’ I was surprised, but not angry. We start shooting the next day – and the first scene is a love scene.”

One response to “Happy Together // dir. Wong Kar-wai

  1. This is more than meets the eye! … Mysterious, true and real… The hard truth of Life itself, before our eyes.

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