En Blomst (1971)

Watch a Short Film Lars von Trier Made When He Was 15

from the moment that little Lars (then going by simply “von Trier”) slaps his name in big capital letters across the start of this short film, which he made at the age of 15 in 1971, you can see the first provocative hints of the auteur we would all come to know and love and / or hate and / or endure. if anything, by the time the Hallelujah Chorus kicks in, it almost feels as if En Blomst announced precisely what von Trier would hope to explore and agitate with his professional career, like a promise he made to himself and from which he has never deviated (some would argue he still has yet to mature). this precocious little movie is a delightful artifact, and — like all of von Trier’s work — not for the faint of heart.

I think..

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