It’s not much of a secret that a young Stanley Kubrick earned his chops as a photographer for LOOK Magazine and some other rags in 1940s new york city, but relatively unseen examples of his work continue to crop up here and there.

Museum of the City of New York has just posted a collection of delightfully candid photos Kubrick snapped on the city’s subways, and together they’re something of a remarkable portal. it might be a bit of a stretch to say that these portraits portend Kubrick’s unique precision as a director of motion pictures, but they’re focused and bracing and — if you squint hard enough — you can even see some Fear and Desire, in there.

Stanley Kubrick may have spent most of his career wresting extraordinary worlds from studio sets, but anyone familiar with Killer’s Kiss can attest to the fact that he loved to photograph NYC in the wild. in fact, his affinity for the buzz of the big city preceded his career as a director of feature-length films, and his photographs of the urban jungle were so impressive that, in 1945, Look Magazine hired Kubrick as their youngest staff photographer on record.

I think..

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