Documentary on Ingmar Bergman


As he approaches his 90s, Ingmar Bergman is the last survivor of a generation of great European directors who brought to the cinema a new psychological depth and formal daring. This BBC presentation of a documentary on Ingmar Bergman begins with an accurate statement on the Swedish filmmaker. Except for the fact that he passed away in 2007, Bergman was a great director—I’d say one of the greatest—and he brought with his vision and style a filmography that considered not only the human experience but also the cinematic experience. When one visits an Ingmar Bergman film, he or she is getting exactly that, and to add to the beauty of this is that he directed more than forty films in his lifetime. Persona. Wild Strawberries. The Seventh Seal. There is a library of Bergman films to choose from, to fill out days and weeks, and this documentary shows why filling up your time with Bergman cinema is more than just acceptable. Ingmar Bergman is an example of the filmmaker as an artist. He became a leading light in presenting film unselfconsciously as art. From Woody Allen to Andrei Tarkovsky, Bergman’s work has had a profound effect on many people. However, only a privileged few have met and talked at length with the man himself. This documentary represents in many ways that privilege—40 precious minutes with Ingmar Bergman.

3 responses to “Documentary on Ingmar Bergman

  1. This is great, you’re right, but I really can’t wait to see Stig (Bergman On Bergman) Bjorkman’s documentary ‘…But Film is My Mistress.’ It looks amazing.

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