La Dolce Vita


Anita Ekberg warming up on the set of La Dolce Vita after wading in the Trevi Fountain (1959) (via)

“Anita Ekberg was a glorious apparition! She was like phosphorus, an extraterrestrial with a lunar pallor in her face and hair. It’s been a long time since I saw Anita. Watching her weather so many seasons as she has…I particularly appreciate her because in one of my films, a filmetto called Intervista, I narrated a visit with Mastroianni to her villa in the country. She’s a woman of a certain age who’s put on weight, who lives with her dogs and ducks, like a happy peasant.

And I saw she’d aged gracefully, a tranquil aging, sober, wise…She’s no longer the glorious diva, the Olympian she once was but she seems to me a beautiful example of serenity.”

-Federico Fellini, 1993 (via)