Screenwriter John Michael Hayes on Rear Window (2000)


Screenwriter John Michael Hayes is interviewed about certain points of his early life but the main focus is his work on Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW. The screenwriter talks about his early days of going to movies and how he realized that certain screenwriters and directors were dependable in regards to turning out a good product. He talks about how he always considered Hitchcock one of these people so he then talks about how he got the book sent to him. This led to a dinner with Hitchcock where the screenwriter was asked what his favorite film of his was, which he replied SHADOW OF A DOUBT. This here led to the screenwriter thinking he blew his chance at the new project but the rest is history. This is a pretty fun interview because John Michael Hayes goes into so much detail about his ideas on the story, what Hitchcock asked for and there’s even a discussion about him spending a week with Grace Kelly so that he could get a good idea about her because her character wasn’t in the original book. He also tells some great stories about basing her character after his wife and how during the preview she caught onto what he had done. The writer says that at the end of production you just knew it was a case where everything had gone right and they all knew it.