"There is nothing more musical than a sunset."-Claude Debussy

Tonight I rode off into the sunset.

It’s true. Char and I realized we had a golden opportunity to saddle up this late afternoon and enjoy a little January thaw ride. We groomed and round-penned Izzy & Ruger Jac, then tacked up and took off. By the time we got to the other side of our driveway, Good God gave us a glorious sunset. As we turned into the big field, the colors of what I think of as apricot preserves started to transform into rose pink shades. Deep Larkspur and Delphinium purple-y blues prepared to fill the rest of the sky at twilight.

It was exquisite. A gift.

But we had to return, naturally, so at a certain point we picked our way back east. The rest of the barnyard was happy to see us return in time to serve dinner, and our ponies that served us so well were given a special treat.

Music is a mysterious mathematical process whose elements are part of Infinity. … There is nothing more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little — the book of Nature.”

– Claude Debussy, as quoted in The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music (1996) by Don Michael Randel

I think..

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