Jean-Louis Forain

Jean-Louis Forain

Dancer with a Hoop 1881

Oil on Canvas

As a follower and protégé of Degas and often “compared to Rembrandt for his emotional power as an etcher”, I am very fond of Forain. I found it interesting that he moved to Paris at a young age and at first worked vigilantly from inside the Louvre at recreating art from old masters prior to meeting Degas.

By the way, Michelangelo also learned by recreating previous art works. It’s important to learn anyway that leads you.

No One Will Play with Me (Werner Herzog, 1976)

A short film by Werner Herzog. The film focuses on a boy, Martin, who is outcast from the other children at his school. The film was made with pre-school children in Munich, and is partially based on true stories which Herzog heard from the children themselves. The use of a raven as a central plot element was inspired by the story of the raven from Herzog’s earlier film The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner.