Jean-Luc Godard


In the 1950s, cinema was as important as bread—but it isn’t the case any more. We thought cinema would assert itself as an instrument of knowledge, a microscope, a telescope…At the Cinémathèque, I discovered a world which nobody had spoken to me about. They’d told us about Goethe, but not Dreyer…We watched silent films in the era of talkies. We dreamed about film. We were like Christians in the catacombs.

Jean-Luc Godard

Godardloop: Visual Motifs in the Films of Jean-Luc Godard

One for the cinephiles, a definite for Godard lovers, this multi-part video essay traces the numerous motifs that make up the films of Jean-Luc Godard, from his referencing of the other arts like literature and painting, to the creative act like writing, and representation and use of signs, revolvers, and automobiles. Wait for the 3:50 mark, when the cinematic ride begins…and most of all, enjoy the visual power of Godard!

Produced by Michael Baute and edited by Bettina Blickwede, this video explores a treasure trove of imagery found in dozens of Godard’s features and shorts, grouping them among several distinct themes. 47 films spanning 50 years of filmmaking are transformed into a stream of images that attest to an inimitable talent: an artist who can transform the world simply by the way he looks at it through his camera.

I think..

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