Timberline Lodge


Detailed instructions given by Kubrick to the 2nd unit crew working at the Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where the wide exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel were filmed for The Shining.

Kubrick is extremely precise in his notes, both for the composition of the shot as well as the arrangement of fake trees and snow banks within the shot. He also gives notes about which lights are to be on in which windows.

Stanley Kubrick


You judge a scene by asking yourself, “Am I still responding to what’s there?” The process is both analytical and emotional. You’re trying to balance calculating analysis against feeling. And it’s almost never a question of, “What does this scene mean?” It’s, “Is this truthful, or does something about it feel false?” It’s “Is this scene interesting? Will it make me feel the way I felt when I first fell in love with the material?” It’s an intuitive process, the way I imagine writing music is intuitive. It’s not a matter of structuring an argument.

David Lynch: ‘Ideas Are Like Fish.’

David Lynch speaks of ideas like fish and touches upon the process of filmmaking, from the script to the screen. He makes an important claim for the filmmaker to absorb, that the screenplay, even if “written not that well,” can become cinematic…You need to simply stay true to the ideas the words convey in the translation to cinema.

When you get one fish, that first fish that you fall in love with, you’re really rolling. Even if it’s just a fragment of the whole. That fish is even more bait, and it will pull in other fish, and you write all these things down, and a script is forming. And sometimes you don’t understand the ideas. You don’t really know what kind of fish you caught, but you examine the fish. You think about it, and a meaning comes. And the meaning comes, and it’s almost more bait, and more fish swim in, and pretty soon there you have your script, your final script. Words. It’s not the film, and it may not be written that well, but you write them, words, in a way that when you read them later, the idea will come back completely in your mind. You need to stay true to those ideas in the translation to cinema…There’s billions of ideas. Just got to catch them.

I like to make films because I like to go into another world. I like to get lost in another world. And film to me is a magical medium that makes you dream…allows you to dream in the dark. It’s just a fantastic thing, to get lost inside the world of film.

David Lynch