Fritz Lang

“There’s something which you should get out from an actor, something which is under his skin, something which he himself maybe doesn’t know exactly. I hate — and I never did — to show an actor how to play a role. I don’t want to have twenty-five little Fritz Langs running around. I have too much respect for an actor.”lang

François Truffaut’s Big Interview with Alfred Hitchcock (Free Audio) | Open Culture

François Truffaut

The great French filmmaker François Truffaut would have turned 80 today, and to celebrate, we’re bringing back a wonderful series of audio recordings — Truffaut’s lengthy interview with another legendary director, Alfred Hitchcock.

Back in 1962, François Truffaut, the inspiration behind French New Wave cinema, met with Hitchcock. And, assisted by a helpful translator, the two directors talked through Hitchcock’s life and vast filmography, moving from his early films shot it Britain (Blackmail, The 39 Steps, Secret Agent), to his later Hollywood productions – North by Northwest, Psycho and Vertigo. In total, Truffaut and Hitchcock talked for over 12 hours, and, several years later, Truffaut published a now classic book based on these conversations: Alfred Hitchcock: A Definitive Study (1967).

Thanks to the Hitchcock Wiki, these original audio recordings now appear online. 25 recordings, each separated into 30 minute chunks. Below, you can revisit a selection of these recordings. The full set appears here (and here), and meanwhile don’t forget to visit our collection of 21 Free Hitchcock Films Online.

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