Puudulik ja eluvõõras

If loneliness can be said to possess the form of the three-dimensional absence where a living human should be, then the role of the humanoid robot is somehow to replace the human longing for this negative space to be filled with another human presence.


Üksildus võib hõljuda ja tolmelda ka seal, kus kolmemõõtmelise inimkaaslase koht on täidetud, ning levitada teadmist, et kui inimobjekte ka vahetataks või lisataks, jääks üksildus ikka alles.

Või on asi ikkagi selles, et me millegi pärast usume, et see keegi teine võib täita selle kolmemõõtmelise tühimiku, mida ta tegelikult mitte kunagi ei tee.

‎’Look,’ Chic said, ‘you don’t have to lecture me about your virtues. I know more than you do yourselves.’ And for good reason. Their presumption, their earnest sincerity, amused but also irked him. As next-door neighbours this group of simulacra would be something of a nuisance, he reflected. Still, that was what the emigrants wanted, in fact needed, out in the sparsely-populated colonial regions. He could appreciate that; after all, it was Frauenzimmer Associates’ business to understand.
A man, when he emigrated, could buy neighbous, buy the simulated presence of life, the sound and motion of human activity – or at least its mechanical near-substitute – to bolster his morale in the new enviroment of unfamiliar stimuli and perhaps, god forbid, no stimuli at all.

Philip Kindred Dick, The Simulacra