The idea that you don’t understand where music comes from, or that you think Classical music happens to be the province of dusty, white-wigged old farts, is nothing to do with what the music is, it’s a misapprehension on your part, it’s a failure of imagination, and worse than that it’s snobbery. It’s rank snobbery. You think you’re better than that ‘cause you’re young, you’re cool. Well, I’ve never heard more snobbery, in music, than amongst young people’s music. You know what it’s like when you’re fourteen, and you dare to have a party, and you put music on, and a fifteen-year-old says ‘You call THAT music? What shit is this?’, and the band you thought was cool, they’ve pointed out, ISN’T cool. That’s where the real snobbery in music lies. That’s where the terror lies, in thinking they have to conform to some idea of what is or what isn’t right.

Stephen Fry, arguing against the motion ‘This House believes that classical music is irrelevant to today’s youth’