“Nothing ever surpass the rapture of that first awakening. I might have been Adam with the taste of apple fresh in my mouth. I was looking at all the beauty in the world, embodied in a single female form. And I knew, with sudden blinding certainty; this was it”

“She came to see me when I got out of Intensive Care. She said, there’s bad news and there’s good news. You’re paralyzed from the waist down – permanently. OK, I said, let’s have the good news. That was the good news, she said. The bad news is that from now on, I’m taking care of you.”

Marx Brothers

A tribute to the comedy of the Marx Brothers. The original mirror scene from Duck Soup with Groucho an Harpo Marx, then the remake of it With Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx on I Love Lucy

"Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" (Liszt) (beginning)
"On the Beach at Bali-Bali" (Al Sherman, Abner Silver and Jack Maskill)
"Prelude in C-Sharp Minor" (Rachmaninoff)


"Piano Sonata No. 15 in C major" (Mozart)
"Minuet in G major, WoO 10, No. 2" (Beethoven)