Max & Intro – Beogradska Devojka (1985)


Max & Intro – Beogradska Devojka (1985)


This is a one off Yugoslavian 7” from 1985 that sounds like minimal synth, new wave, synth pop, new beat, italo, euro house, techno and ‘Stylo’ by Gorillaz all at once.

‘Beogradska Devojka’ translates as ‘Belgrade Girl’. And it appears in a great looking ‘Christiane F’ type film called ‘Pejzazi u Magli’ about a girl in Belgrade and her friends doing heroin in the mid-eighties. The girl was played by a young actress named Anamarija Petricevic, I wonder what happened to her?

See the song and Anamarija in the clip below: