peeping tom


“It’s hard to think of an established modern-day film-maker having the same effect that Michael Powell did with Peeping Tom. Maybe Lars von Trier, in that it seems to be a crucial part of whatever he does; that desire to shock and amaze and appal. I say this with great trepidation, but I can kind of imagine Quentin Tarantino doing it too. It would have to be a very peculiar set of circumstances, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.”

Broomhilda (Kerry Washington)


To dress Django’s love interest Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), Davis referenced the spaghetti-Western tradition of super-saturated flashbacks and visions. Broomhilda often appears in deep purple, bright yellow, and eye-catching blue. For Broomhilda’s final, ride-off-into-the-moonlight look, Davis chose a belted full skirt and a button-down shirt. “That was her segue into becoming a Western woman. She’s saying, ‘I’m as strong as you, honey. Let’s go!’ I illustrated her whole arc. She started in a dark purple and ended in a light purple. Now she’s totally free.”