Lars von Trier,

"It’s a great shame that we melancholiacs don’t value rituals. I’m having a tough time at parties myself. Now we’ll all have fun, fun, fun. Perhaps because melancholiacs set the stakes higher than at just a few beers and some music… It seems so phony. Rituals are, you know. But if rituals are worth nothing, that goes for everything."

Lars von Trier, Melancholia press kit



I was pushed to my limit in Melancholia, but I was willing to go there. For the last shot, with me, Kirsten, and the little boy all together, Lars said, “I want to have a bit of an experiment with you. Every morning I’d like to shoot this scene. Again. You can listen to whatever you want, do whatever you need. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but it’s the end of the world and I want to see an expression of something.” It was terrifying, because at a point, it wasn’t acting anymore. The suffering and the cruelty of the moment was horrible.

Charlotte Gainsbourg describes filming the final scene of Melancholia.