Pier Paolo Pasolini


The passion that had taken the form of a great love for literature and for life gradually stripped itself of the love for literature and turned to what it really was—a passion for life, for reality, for physical, sexual, objectual, existential reality around me. This is my first and only great love and the cinema in a way forced me to turn to it and express only it.

Cinema is identical to life, because each one of us has a virtual and invisible camera which follows us from when we’re born to when we die. In reality cinema is an infinite film sequence-shot. Each individual film interrupts and rearranges this infinite sequence-shot and thus creates meaning, which is what happens to us when we die. It is only at our moment of death that our life, to that point undecipherable, ambiguous, suspended, acquires a meaning. Montage thus plays the same role in cinema as death does in life.

Søren Kierkegaard


This is what is sad when one contemplates human life, that so many live out their lives in quiet lostness; they outlive themselves, not in the sense that life’s content successively unfolds and is now possessed in the unfolding, but they live, as it were, away from themselves and vanish like shadows. Their immortal souls are blown away, and they are not disquieted by the question of its immortality, because they are already disintegrated before they die.

Alfred Hitchcock


Some films are slices of life. Mine are slices of cake.

Art is emotion. Therefore, the use of film, I say, putting it together and making it have an effect on an audience, is, I think, the main function of a film. Certainly, if you take dialogue in a film, truly you are only borrowing from the theater. Which is why I often said most pictures you see are photographs of people talking.

Jean-Luc Godard

“The cinema is not an art which films life: the cinema is something between art and life. Unlike painting and literature, the cinema both gives to life and takes from it, and I try to render this concept in my films. Literature and painting both exist as art from the very start; the cinema doesn’t.”


On the set of Breathless


Bardot and Godard on the set of Contempt

Charlie Chaplin

The only unjust thing about life is the way it ends. I think that the true cycle of life is completely backwards. We should die first, get that out of the way first. Then live in an asylum until we get kicked out for being too young. Strap on a golden watch and go to work. Then work for about 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. Then you can enjoy it worry-free. Drink lots of alcohol, have many parties and then go to college classes. Then school, have plenty of girlfriends. Become a child, no responsibilities, then back to being a baby in Mother’s arms, then back into the uterus, pass the last 9 months of your life floating… And then it all ends with an Orgasm. Wouldn’t it be perfect?