Gerhard Richter (German, Born 1932).

Abstraktes Bild

Abstraktes Bild (707-1), 1989.

Oil on canvas. Signed, dated and numbered “707-1 Richter 1989” en verso.

“If I paint an abstract picture I neither know in advance what it is supposed to look like, nor where I intend to go when I am painting, what could be done, to what end. For this reason the painting is a quasi blind, desperate effort, like that made by someone who has been cast out into a completely incomprehensible environment with no means of support.”

Jim Jarmusch


If you go into a bar in most places in America and even say the word poetry, you’ll probably get beaten up. But poetry is a really strong, beautiful form to me, and a lot of innovation in language comes from poetry.

Poets are always ahead of things in a certain way, their sense of language and their vision.

I think of poets as outlaw visionaries in a way.